When we decided to look at what community means to women today, we knew we’d have to speak to Pauline Pearce. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, ‘Hackney Heroine’ surely will – she’s the woman who became famous after someone filmed her confronting looters during the 2011 riots that stormed London. Within hours, Pauline’s video became synonymous with defending a community – and a city – from the riots. Her life changed overnight: people stood up for her on the bus, she was wooed by several political parties and ultimately started a career with the Lib Dems, which continues today. When we met Pauline (or Lady P, as she’s known in the area), it couldn’t have been clearer how strongly she feels about her local community and what can be done to help it thrive. Watch her video, and then tell us what you think on Twitter: @whatiseeproject.