How amazing is Baroness Whitaker? She began her career as a commissioning editor at a publishing house before becoming a civil servant. She was a consultant for the Commission for Racial Equality and was a member of several committees, including intergovernmental, human rights and European Union organisations.

We think she’s just  great because she is passionate about race relations, international development, humanism, architecture and design. In recent years, she has been appointed as Vice-President of the British Humanist Association, a member of the Advisory Board for the British Institute of Human Rights, and President of the South Downs Society. She has also become an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architecture.

And even though she's so busy do-gooding officially, she still takes the time to be kind and courteous, saying some of her favourite advice comes from the prophet Amos. “[He said] words to the effect of: ‘Think justly, act mercifully, and walk humbly.’ I just think that’s the best advice you could have, really, to go through life.”

To hear the rest of her good advice, check out her video (starting at 3.18 minutes) – and don’t forget to upload your own contribution!