It’s Sunday! Grab your hot beverage of choice, and sit down somewhere comfortable: we’ve rounded up five of our favourite articles this week.

1. I was a victim of revenge porn. I don't want anyone else to face this. Annmarie Chiarini, The Guardian
Annmarie’s experience with the wholly unpleasant act of revenge porn is horrible and scary. What’s most awful is not only the act itself (her boyfriend created an ‘auction’ of photos of her naked, naming her place of work, as well as signing her up to a porn site), but also the fact that she wasn’t taken seriously by authorities. Mocked and victim-blamed, she’s setting out to change the laws and attitudes that let her down to stop future revenge porn.

2. The Italian MEP who’s a poster for working mothers everywhere. Sally Peck, The Telegraph
This is the super swell story of little Italian Vittoria, and her politician mother Licia Ronzulli. Since Vittoria was a month old, she’s been appearing in the Italian parliament alongside her mum, as she listens to debates and votes. Writer Sally Peck says that Ms Ronzulli ‘has made a career out of taking her daughter to work. But even if that were the only thing she ever did as an MEP, I think it would be a worthwhile career.’

3. An empowering women’s centre in Rwanda. Tim McKeough, Architectural Digest
Another heartwarmer for you. Washington non-profit Women for Women International commissioned architect Sharon Davis to create an educational and community centre for female survivors of war to help develop their farming. It’s called the Women’s Opportunity Centre, it’s made of no fewer than 450,000 bricks handmade by women from clay from the site its built on, and rainwater is caught in the leaf-shaped roofs. A thousand times awesome.

4. Maternity leave: you share your stories. Kate McCann, Harriet Minter and Sam O'Neill, The Guardian
This feature is part of the ‘Women in Leadership’ section of the Guardian website, which is well worth a poke around. And this we like in particular: we love stories, we love professional women, and we love to question what’s holding them back. This does all three! It’s a collection of personal stories of women’s experiences with maternity leave: some good, some bad, some very very ugly. But kudos to the Guardian for handing over to women themselves.

5. Women ‘held as slaves for 30 years’. BBC
This shocking story is a sorry addition to the line of women who’ve emerged into the world after being held captive for years. Three women – one 69-year-old Malaysian, a 57-year-old Irish woman and a 30-year-old Brit – were rescued from a Lambeth house, after secretly communicating with a charity and the police. The woman of 30 had reportedly spent her whole life in captivity, but fortunately none of the victims showed signs of sexual abuse.

Image source – Flickr: Jon Worth