It’s the day of rest! Yippee. Get some sauce on those eggs and settle down to catch up with some of the week’s current affairs.

1. Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvoust: ‘I’m very strange’. Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian.
Early this week the victor of one of art’s most famous awards was announced: the Turner Prize winner was Laure Prouvoust. The eccentric Frenchwoman (described as ‘strange, but in a good way’ by the politely baffled Jeffries) worked on her submission while heavily pregnant, and left actress Saoirse Ronan holding the now two-year-old Celeste while Prouvoust accepted the £25,000 prize.

2. Don't be a 'fitspo' fool: You will never 'earn' the body of Megan Fox. And that's OK. Cathy Bussey, The Telegraph
We’ve put this one in because it chimes so nicely with last week's #WISPchat on body role models. Here, Bussey explains the new ‘fitspo’ trend, which propagates the idea that if you work hard enough, you can look like the actresses whose bodies you idolise. But this unrealistic aim just creates more self-criticism, argues Bussey. Her answer? ‘For us as women – mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, daughters – to find a way to accept the body shapes we have without judgement.’ Sounds good to us.

3. Woman’s Hour (Wednesday), BBC Radio 4
We love Woman’s Hour, and we’re sharing this one because of its interesting discussion on prostitution (as well as some other good topics, too). The debate over rules surrounding the selling of sex has been on lots of lips this week, following the broadcast of an episode of Borgen – which tells the story of fictional female Danish PM Birgitte Nyborg – that tackled Danish prostitution laws. Back in real life, France is changing its rules, and this programme looks at which countries are getting it right on such a thorny topic.

4. Caesarean and adoption mum’s treatment ‘brutal and invasive’. BBC News
Critics emerged in full force this week, following reports of an Italian woman suffering mental health issues who was forced to undergo a C-section and give up her child for adoption. The facts of the case are foggy, and criticism has been confused as a result. But the mother in question declared herself recovered in February, disputing Essex County Council’s decision. The case raises important questions about mental health and motherhood – and what is best for children with mentally unwell parents.

5. A glimpse at how the media treated women this year is a look at way too many cringeworthy moments. Ari Isaacman Astles, Upworthy
There is no way to describe this video other than both fist-punchingly awesome and enraging at the same time. Watch it.

Image source – Flickr: Faruk Ateş