Get the kettle on, and settle down in your D-gown for our weekly round up of some of the week’s current affairs. 1. Trans model Carmen Carrera is transforming fashion. Sarah Ratchford, Vice Here, Carmen Carrera discusses the waves she’s been making in the fashion industry, which, unfortunately but unsurprisingly, have brought with them a lot of the inappropriately personal questions people feel it’s OK to prod towards trans people. Understandably, Carmen’s pleased with the progress but annoyed at being a token trans model: ‘She wants people to know she’s just a girl.’ 2. ‘Disney Princesses Are Stupid’, Says 7-Year-Old Girl From Argentina. Anderson Antunes, Forbes This refreshingly frank 7-year-old has won the hearts and minds of many this week. A video surfaced of her pointing out that Disney princesses just wait around to be rescued, ‘playing with birds instead of doing something themselves.’ Ouch. Take that, Cinderella. In a world full of pink aisles and princess outfits, is Miranda a sign of the future? We hope so. 3. Delhi rape: one year on, has anything changed for India’s women? Sunny Hundal, The Guardian It’s a year since two rape cases shook the world. In the first, a 23-year-old student was attacked by six men on a bus, and died of her injuries two weeks later; in the second, a 17-year-old girl was kidnapped during Diwali and raped in a field by two men. In the latter, the slow-moving police finally arrested the culprits 44 days later – but the victim had already killed herself. She had been consistently pressured by police to drop the charges. Both rapes took place in India – now, a year later, Sunny Hundal asks if any progress has been made. 4. How the media failed women in 2013. Jane Martinson, The Guardian Following on from the excellent video we featured last week (thanks to the Representation Project) on the year in media for women, here’s a blog by Jane Martinson that points out some hits gender equality has taken in the last few days: Sun Political Editor Tom Newton Dunn’s comment about MP Stella Creasy’s ‘PVC skirt’ during PMQs, and the Danish PM being labelled a ‘flirty blonde’ by the Daily Mail after that selfie. 5. FGM: Britain’s first ever criminal charges could be brought as cases reopened. David Barrett, The Telegraph We’ve been following the campaign against FGM keenly, so we were pleased as punch to read that some serious progress has been made. Alison Saunders, the new Director of Public Prosecutions, has ordered that four previously dropped cases be reopened. The fact that no convictions have been made despite the practice being made illegal 28 years ago is one of FGM campaigners’ biggest grievances – so here’s a positive step towards the future. This week we also saw not one but two What I See ambassadors published on the Guardian website in a day. Hallelujah!