What's been getting tongues wagging this week? Here's a mini round-up for you.

1. Pope Francis encourages mother to breast-feed in public. People News, The Independent.
Good old Pope Francis has been winning a lot more fans than his predecessor thanks to his slightly more ‘live and let live’ attitude. And last week, he won the respect of mothers the world over after telling an Italian newspaper how he told a woman in his congregation to give her crying baby ‘something to eat!’. And then he won more cool points by condemning priests who don’t baptise babies of unmarried women as having a ‘sick mentality’.

2. Guardian women awards 2013: from Miley to Malala. Jane Martinson, Guardian
Thanks to the Guardian Women’s Blog, now you can relive some of the year’s highlights: from Jennifer Lawrence to Malala Yousafzai via Amanda Palmer and Jane Austen. And there’s one terrible advert in there to get your hackles rising.

3. All Marks and Spencer toys to be gender neutral from spring 2014. Alice Philipson, The Telegraph.
Many in the twittosphere’s hearts were warmed this week when M&S declared that it was rebranding all its children’s toy ranges to become gender neutral. It followed a complaint by a mother who was put off by the fact the company had named one of its ranges – comprising a marble run, planes and cars – ‘Boy’s stuff’, while the girls’ range included princess, fairies and a handbag decoration kit.

4. Richard Godwin: I’m dreaming of a feminist Christmas. The Evening Standard.
‘It is that special time of year when marital violence increases by one-third and gender relations revert to 1957. For Christmas is a feminist issue.’ So begins our new favourite journalist’s article on Christmas – the inspiration for Friday’s #WISPchat on festive ads. Because all we want for Christmas is…gender equality.

That's it from us this year folks! Have the very merriest of Christmases, and an absolutely wonderful New Year. We'll meet you in 2014.