In March, the What I See Project launched our second annual film competition, on the theme of “Inspiring Women”.
Our judging panel chose Georgia Sawyer’s Tottenham Material as the winning film, which stars Doyin Ajiboye. The film, Georgia and Doyin received a hugely positive response, and so we decided to bring you an exclusive from Georgia herself, telling us about the making of Tottenham Material;

“Back in January, my friend Emily showed me a video of a girl she knew through Islington Communtity Theatre doing the most incredible speech in a public speaking competition. The raw energy and razor-sharp truth of Doyin’s speech made an immediate impression on me”

Georgia says she wanted to make something of Doyin’s speech straight away, but it was only in June when she heard about WISPs film competition that she found the right platform for showcasing her idea.

“What’s been so brilliant about making the video… is seeing people’s reactions to Doyin. At a time when there’s some really negative attitudes towards young people, she makes you believe in the positive possibilities of her generation. She is without doubt one of the coolest, most inspiring teenagers I have ever met.”

Georgia’s other film projects are available here – check out her fantastic re-imagining of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games