The What I See Project

We believe that every woman and girl has the potential to achieve something amazing – they just don’t always see it in themselves.

By collecting and sharing films of women from all ages, countries and walks of life – the What I See Project wants to inspire others, and support young women to be more confident in who they are beyond the surface of the mirror.

So ask yourself what you see – and the answer might surprise you. Your story also might inspire someone else.

Join the movement and help us change the way that women and girls see themselves. Share your story, and help shape someone else’s to be one of strength, confidence and success.

Where it all started

What I See was created by Edwina Dunn as a non-profit initiative. Edwina is a successful entrepreneur who has always been fascinated by people’s stories and motivations. As the co-founder of worldwide loyalty programmes like Tesco’s Clubcard, Edwina knows first-hand what it feels like to work in a male-dominated industry, and how women’s lack of confidence so often holds them back.

Edwina created What I See to be a global platform that celebrates women’s stories, and showcases the lesser-known successes of women at the top of their field. She has started a movement of real and identifiable role models, in order to support and encourage the next generation.