Leah Charles King is a TV broadcaster, producer and female activist.

“If you get the opportunity, take the platform and go for it.”

In 2001, she became the first black female presenter for ITV Children’s TV, and since then has presented from the red carpet for BET (Black Entertainment Television). Leah is also the MD of the Red Carpet Academy, the UK’s first TV presenting academy led by TV presenters.

WISP met Leah last month to talk about her exciting and inspiring career, what she sees in the mirror and the importance of self belief.

“I am beautiful, I am confident, I can do great things, I can succeed in life, I can follow my dreams”. And even though you may not feel it, you’ve got to look in that mirror and tell yourself that every day. And if you do, you’ll soon start to believe it.”

You can read Leah’s interview as a PDF document here.