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If I hadn't been diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 29, I would not be the woman I am. Through a devastating diagnosis and a potentially fatal prognosis, I became calmer, more confident and able to say no. I proved that I could manage my illness in a positive manner. Friendships with others in the same situation developed, all over the world - 12 years later, we still help each other and support each other in our grief each time this disease claims one of our own.
My experiences help others and give hope to young sufferers who are often mis-diagnosed by healthcare professionals who generally think of bowel cancer as an old person's disease.
Most importantly (for me) my illness made me realise the strength of my relationship with my (now) husband and through adoption gave me the opportunity to be a mother to the most beautiful, perfect boy and girl.
The word cancer strikes fear into many, but approached in the right manner, it can develop you into a bigger and better person.
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