Join The Conversations: Age

Join The Conversations: Age Miriam O'Reilly

What did you see in the mirror when you were five? 15? 30? 60?

We’re prepared to bet it was something different every time. Because one of the (many) things we’ve learned from your thousands of stories is that women’s age plays a huge part in how they see themselves and others, and in what they want to achieve. So we decided to dedicate our fifth Conversation to age and female identity.

We can’t think of anyone better to get Age month started than Miriam O’Reilly. You’ve probably seen her before – either presenting Countryfile or in the papers, having won a landmark case against ageism in the BBC. Hear her story in our podcast below.

In 2008, Miriam was told she was being dropped from Countryfile – because the show was being ‘refreshed’. Fast-forward 14 months, and she won her employment tribunal against the corporation, who she'd sued for ageism. But what happened next? We spoke to her about her ordeal, how it made her see herself and where she is now.

We want to hear from as many different women with as many different stories as possible. We’ll be chatting to someone who juggles running a business with caring for her 92-year-old mother, the Guardian’s Invisible Woman columnist, and Jill Shaw-Ruddock, who set up the Second Half Foundation (which combats loneliness and isolation for people over 50).

That’s not it – we’ve got more in store: journalist Laura Kemp and Jody Day, our lovely ambassador and founder of Gateway Women, who’ll be reaching the big 5-0 herself this year.

We’re not finished yet: if you’d like to contribute, or you know someone who would want to share their story, email


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