Join the Conversations: Working Women

Join the Conversations: Working Women Flickr: Byron Bignell

Hello! No sooner have we bid our fond farewell to Cultural Identity month, than we give a warm What I See welcome to this month’s topic: Working Women.

Over the past fifty years, the labour market has transformed itself, with women entering virtually every sector. Although we’re a long way from equality – with women working full-time earning an average of 15% less than their male counterparts – there have been leaps and bounds of progress.

During April, we’re going to introduce you to some amazing contributors who are posters for the passion and potential of women in the workplace. You’ll be hearing from entrepreneur Alison Cork, whose energy and drive infused us with such enthusiasm during her filming session that we walked out of her office feeling like anything, ever was possible.

We’ll also be chatting to a host of women whose professions are interesting, inspiring… and just a bit different. Stay tuned to hear from an archaeologist, the founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers, a cartoon psychologist, and many more.

The aim? To celebrate the amazing variety of women and what they do, to discuss their journeys and to lend advice to those entering the job market – but also because we need an open, honest discussion about the challenges, difficulties and obstacles facing working women, and some realistic suggestions of how these can be overcome.

The whole month is gearing up to a grand finale: a live panel discussion, where our founder Edwina Dunn will be introducing a variety of businesswomen and entrepreneurs to a lucky audience. During the evening, we’ll be uncovering the diversity and potential of women in the workplace, hearing their stories, and opening up the floor to an audience Q&A, followed by networking. If you’d like to attend, email

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