On our radar: Project Bush

On our radar: Project Bush

Your bush, your choice?

Or maybe it’s not that simple. On our radar this week is a little feminist project with a bold agenda.

But first: some background.

Whether you’ve read about it, heard about it, or had the pleasure of lying in a small room with gritted teeth while a stranger pokes hot goop into your nether regions and then pulls it off, the woman who knows not the invasiveness of the Brazilian wax is becoming a rare breed indeed.

What was once a fashion for the few seems to have become a must for the many. It could be argued that the lower landscapes of many of the world’s women are being reshaped by popular opinion – and the creatives behind Project Bush decided to challenge this preconception. So they recruited 93 London women to strip off and reveal their bushes in all their glory for photographer Alisa Connan.

She told the Huffington Post that that all of the participants ‘had different reasons - some were concerned about how the media portrays women in general, others were concerned about the world their daughters were growing up in. Most thought: "This is one small thing that we can do."’

And thus it was: London’s lady gardens were revealed. Well, anything that showcases judgement-free the true variety of women – so often reduced by media representation – is OK with us. 

From tomorrow until 18th November, Mother London will be proudly displaying the results. It’s an unabashed, honest representation of the female form, in all its stages. Bushes! Big ones, small ones, semi regrown ones, neatly trimmed ones, never touched ones. Your pubes, you choose.

Photo courtesy of Mother London


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