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What I See STEM Bloggers WISP science bloggers

It’s Monday, the sun is shining outside the office and everyone's getting that summer holiday longing… So the What I See team have decided to give you all a small treat.

We want to bring you the best stories of women out there overcoming all odds in science, technology, engineering and maths. But we also remember – and are incredibly proud of – the great achievements of our own What I See family.

So to alleviate your Monday blues, take a trip with us down memory lane and kick back to some of the stories from some of our very own STEM bloggers.


Anna Zecharia, ScienceGrrl


Wendy Sadler, Science Made Simple


Carolyn Collins Petersen, The Space Writer


Lizzy Harley, Scientist Chic


Sheila Kanani, Saturn Sheila


Laurie Winkless, No Lab Coat Needed


Thanks to all our bloggers for contributing, and for being such great role models to other women and girls in STEM. You can add your own STEM story by following us on Twitter: @whatiseeproject


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