What I See Podcast: Motherhood

What I See Podcast: Motherhood Our leading ladies: left-right Jody Day, Lyndsey Oliver, Viv Oyolu and Dianne Larrington

Whether you're female or male, young or old, mother, father, with or without children, motherhood is something that affects everyone. 

We believe in giving women a voice to discuss the issues that matter to them. So we gathered four experts - amazing women with fascinating angles on the motherhood debate - and asked them to discuss what motherhood means to them as part of our monthly conversation on the topic.

Jody Day is a What I See ambassador and founder of Gateway Women, a friendship and support network for women who are childless by circumstance. We put her in a room with single mum and chair of Mothers Against Gangs, Dianne Larrington, childfree broadcaster Viv Oyolu of Dream Corner, and working mum-of-two and co-founder of Female Quotient, Lyndsey Oliver.

What happened next? Find out below. If you've ever questioned gendered toys, wondered what the biggest challenge is facing women today, experienced guilt or confidence as a woman, thought about your relationship with your own mother, or wondered what the word 'fomo' means, there's something here for you. And don't forget to subscribe to future podcasts by searching 'What I See Project' on the iTunes store.

The podcast is only the beginning. If you've heard something you feel strongly about, share your views in the comments below. We want all women to have a chance to talk about the issues that matter to them, and to help shape the narrative of what it means to be a woman today.

And if you're keen for more, keep checking back over the month. We've got loads of great discussions coming.


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Very enlightening and I LOVE hearing about different POVs. I only wished it had been longer. :-)

I love the self-confidence that were talked in this podcast because it affects so many things in our lives and when one is in pain and when one doesn’t know who she is anymore, it’s really easy to feel that anything or anyone people post or say as a fatal attack. Keep spreading your wisdom, ladies! I’d love to hear more dialogues.

By Amel on 6 January 2014 at 18:21

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