What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

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The best advice I have ever been give was from my father. I have always feared sharing my ideas and point of view because I was always scared of someone thinking it was stupid or that my point of view wasn’t the “right one”. I don’t really know where my fear came from but it has always been there like alarm clock, ringing the right moment I may have gathered some courage to speak my mind and then hearing those bells I retreat back to my silence. One day I became excited about an idea I had for a project and it was a little out there, so I went to my father and told him about my excitement but also about my fears. My father gave me the advice that if you are afraid of failing then you will never take the risk and have those box-breaking ideas that could change the world. I am not going to lie, I still have those moments of fear, of making myself looking like a fool, but then I remember my fathers advice and I take a deep breath and then I take the risk.
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