Join The Conversations: Community

Join The Conversations: Community If anyone knows how to do community, it's these guys

Community. It’s something that sounds a bit, well, old fashioned, doesn’t it? In a world of smartphones and Google glasses, the days of community centres and street parties seem to be dwindling.

But we’ve been turning it over, and we think there’s more to community than agreeing to feed your neighbour’s cat when they’re on holiday. Community also means people uniting around a shared interest – and that is in no short supply, even in 2014.

So this Monday morning, why not take a minute to think about the community that makes your life better.

Is it your family? Friends? People who share your religion? Your Women's Institute? Is it one of the many internet communities that bring people all over the world together: Facebook, Mumsnet... even Tripadvisor?

This month, we’re talking to the people who bring community to life: whether that’s a virtual community, or a physical one. We’ll be talking to Pauline Pearce, affectionately named the ‘Hackney Heroine’ following London’s 2011 riots; a full-time nanny, part-time special sergeant (who gives up her time for free to help the police); Rowan Davies from Mumsnet, different religious leaders; a death doula – and many more. We want to uncover all the different types of community, and how they affect women’s lives.

We’ve got lots more stories to share. If you’d like to be involved, email or tweet @whatiseeproject. By sharing your story, you help shape ours.


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