Lucy Cavendish College: Hear the stories

Lucy Cavendish College: Hear the stories Student President Shelly Gathigia

You may remember back in January when we posted about our visit to Cambridge’s Lucy Cavendish College. We were saving the best bit… and now we’re thrilled to be able to introduce you to some of the students and Fellows we met on the day.

What we love about the college is that it gives women the opportunity to study – women who may not otherwise have had the chance. Lucy Cavendish is for students over 21 – many are mothers, and all are coming to higher education later in life.

So now is your chance to hear their stories: from student Nora Visoka-Weller discussing the challenges of being a young woman working in arms control, to Research Fellow Dr Vicky Leong’s statement that ‘life gets better the old that you get’.

In fact, the feel-good factor of the video was so high that we decided to make two – below you can see a mini documentary on the college’s origins, and hear from Emeritus Fellow Lady Jane Renfrew. You can also find out a bit more about the woman we interviewed, and how they got to Lucy Cavendish.

It was wonderful to see the people behind the college, and hear their stories… especially about how being at the college affects how they see themselves. ‘I can’t explain,’ said Student President Shelly Gathigia. ‘It was validating to know that I am good enough, and I can actually be one of the people that other people look to for knowledge and advice.’

You can also hear more stories from Cambridge University women here...





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