Seeing the future: your ambitions, hopes and dreams.

A month into the What I See Project, what has struck us when listening to what women tell us they see in the mirror is how often the desire to achieve something is seen first and foremost.

For these women, their reflection is not a physical image. The mirror does not show them how they are now, but is instead a window into their ambitions and aspirations. They see in themselves the desire, or the pressure, to achieve their goals.

We have heard women such as Lyn tell us that they see a woman who has so much more that they want to achieve.



Women such as Sofia who give their reflection a pep talk every day; a little nudge in the direction of where they want to go.



Even women such as Jo who aspire to manage to see in the mirror what everyone else already sees:

“I wish I saw what everyone else sees. I see freckles, fine lines and a self aware frustration that all I see are freckles and fine lines.”


We realised that a large part of what women see in the mirror is not where they are now, but where they still want to, or have to, go. Overwhelmingly, the stories have been of positivity and of drive.

With this in mind, What I See will be asking questions about women’s ambitions, occupations and career; ranging from ‘Who or what in your life inspires you?’ to ‘What’s the most important thing you’ve ever learnt?’.

We’re aiming for questions that allow women from all over the world, in all fields and from all walks of life, to talk about their aims, achievements, worries and advice. Stories of how they got to where they are and of where they want to go next.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please get in touch with any ideas or question suggestions.


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