The Women’s Organisation on Community

The Women’s Organisation on Community What I See meets The Women's Organisation

Last month we co-hosted the ‘Good to Great’ event with The Women’s Organisation up in Liverpool. The panel was fabulous, people were inspired, there was cake. If you're not jealous enough, here is what the incredible ladies from The Women's Organisation had to say.



Aren't they impressive? We were so moved by all of the amazing things that the women of Liverpool are doing to support their community, that we wanted to hear more. Because it’s really what The Women’s Organisation is all about: creating a community that supports women in business.

Now we’re tweeting and emailing instead of talking to our neighbours over the fence, what does community mean to women? How can it help us? The women we talked to are all dedicated to helping their communities in different ways – and their responses were pretty enlightening. 



What does community mean to you? Tell us on Twitter: @whatiseeproject and @TheWomensOrg


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