What I See Campaign: Meet Monday’s Arrivals

What I See Campaign: Meet Monday’s Arrivals

Welcome to week two of the What I See campaign. If you’re anything like us, you’ll still be all knee-jiggly with excitement from the wonders of week one. But don’t forget, our campaign goes on until our big bash on October 1, and we’ll be introducing you to a whole host of fabulous women before then.

So, with no further ado, let us introduce you to Monday’s group of brilliant bloggers and online commentators…

Carolyn Collins Peterson

We say: She writes books, she makes videos, she does voiceovers… and still finds time to update her science blog.
She says: “I share interesting and cool things about the cosmos, and I sometimes talk about controversial topics.”

Anna Magee

We say: This award-winning health journalist’s wonderful website Healthista dedicates itself to real, feel-good women’s health. Yum.
She says: “If we ever seriously fall for a water and cayenne pepper diet that promises to shave an inch off you’re a**e in a day, look up the office address in the contact us section, come in here and punch us in the face.”

Kat Austen

We say: Food for thought abounds at Kat’s science and culture blog
She says: “I bared all – emotionally and facially at least – in a brief session in front of the What I See cameras.”

Melanie Bryan OBE

We say: This award-winning social entrepreneur has a tonne of notches to her belt, but our favourite is her can-do website WhyNotChange.
She says: “I simply try to make a positive difference.”


To find out more about the campaign and our other bloggers click here. See you tomorrow for some more new arrivals!




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