What I See Campaign Week Five: Meet Wednesday’s Arrivals

What I See Campaign Week Five: Meet Wednesday’s Arrivals

Good morning! Today the What I See Campaign continues with three savvy online supremos… and one special guest.

Kat Molesworth

What we say: Self-employed Kat is a bit of a mini internet mogul. She has her own blog and website, and she founded Blogtacular. She’s got more social media know-how than you can shake a stick at and she ALSO makes websites and films (and it shows in her What I See video…)
What she says: “I’m a Mama, wife, photographer, friend, home cook, modern homemaker, seldom housekeeper, design lover, feminist, atheist and know-all.”

Lori Smith

What we say: Rarely Wears Lipstick may look like an online ‘zine but the reflections on style and feminism are down almost entirely to its author, self-starting writer and lipstick avoider Lori herself.
What she says: “Vintage-loving sex-positive LGBT feminist and blogger. Loves lingerie. Bit of a geek. Also… rarely wears lipstick.”

Hannah Chutzpah

We say: Hannah’s a writer, editor and poet, as well as a feminist, activist and smartarse (her words not ours). You can read about the above at her website, and you can sample a bit of her poetic talent via her What I See video, too.
She says: “I am a busy bee and an all-round wordy show-off.”

And now for our special guest… one of the wonderful women who answered our collaborator call yesterday!

Melanie Chillag

We say: 25-year-old Geordie gal Mel lives with her husband and cat, Lily. It’s thanks to her that we have Gladrags and the Handbags, a plus-size style blog featuring (among other things) some dreamy photography and may we say, a very aesthetically pleasing colour scheme.
She says: “About a year and a half ago I discovered the Body Acceptance community and started to actually care about how I presented myself…Old habits never die though and I definitely still spend most of my time in my pyjamas.”

So many thanks to Mel for her contribution. You could be tomorrow’s special guest! Contribute your own story and tweet us at @whatiseeproject to see your name in lights (sort of).


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