What I See Campaign Week Four: Meet Monday’s Arrivals

What I See Campaign Week Four: Meet Monday’s Arrivals

It’s the penultimate week of the What I See Campaign… but we’ve still got great communicators to broaden your online horizons until our fabulous soirée at the Science Museum on 1st October. Here are today’s:

Laurie Winkless

We say: Laurie is a physicist and science communicator, whose blog No Lab Coat Needed is an accessible window into some really juicy science tidbits.
She says: “Fan of writing, travelling, rugby, baking, sewing and nerding about.”

Sarah Ismail

We say: Sarah uses her website, Same Difference, to communicate news about disability in the UK.
She says: “The main feature at the moment is my blog where I write and comment about issues relating to all disabilities.”

Lena Weber

We say: German-born Lena is a freelance writer, editor and publisher with more vintage knowledge than you can shake an (artfully distressed) stick at. She’s started her own blog, Style High Club.
She says: “Does social media. Writes about vintage. Publisher and editress. Chopper of logic.”

Julia Buckley

We say: Julia’s a fitness writer and trainer whose blog is a virtual hand-hold on the road to healthy living.
She says: “I help people de-flab & re-sculpt.”

See you later for an introduction to one of our women-derful ambassadors. Until then, why not share your own story?


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