What I See Campaign Week Three: Meet Wednesday’s Arrivals

What I See Campaign Week Three: Meet Wednesday’s Arrivals

It’s another campaign day! By now, you all know what that means… four more online commentators to get you inspired.

Lucie Kerley

We say: Lucie is a social media supremo whose lifestyle blog gives us lots of food and fashion envy – especially a certain particularly drool-tastic post on Manchester’s Teacup. 
She says: “As my friend Sophie would say: ‘we’re too wholesome to be hipsters’, but that doesn’t stop us liking cool stuff.”

Camille Adomakoh

We say: Camille, a connoisseur of all things fashion, works as a wardrobe stylist and put her skills into her style consultancy Karma Style in 2008. She works in film, TV and music and writes for Notion, Bond and Swide mags. Phew.
She says: “I truly love what I do, and get to incorporate my knowledge and expertise from the corporate world into this creative enterprise.”

Elle Linton

We say: Elle is a personal trainer whose fitness blog is a bit of a motivation station. Run, anyone? 
She says: “Lover of all things health and fitness, food, fashion and life!”

Jennifer Gardiner

We say: Jennifer is a London-dwelling biologist and amateur science writer. We recommend her science blog allinthegenes for some really thoughtful meditations on science, ethics and much more besides. 
She says: “In addition to all things genetics, I like wine, cheese and lazing about in my garden.”

That’s it for today’s commentators, but we’ll have a new ambassador post this afternoon to keep you inspired. And don’t forget… we want to hear your story too.


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