Celebrate this Christmas with a #TreeTweet!

Celebrate this Christmas with a #TreeTweet!

The weather is a little bit colder, the annual Christmas present panic has begun, and the hyperactivity levels of small children are reaching dizzying new heights. Yes, folks. It’s December!

The WISP team are especially excited this year – and not just because the office below us has just got a new puppy. We were founded last February (we’re only little) so it’s the first ever time What I See has been able to celebrate Christmas in all its twinkly, mince-pie-encrusted glory… and we want you to join in our festive cheer after a successful first year.

And so we’ve come up with the What I See Tree. Of course, as a project dedicated to showcasing female voices from around the world, this is no ordinary Christmas tree. The project exists through contributions, and the tree will follow in its footsteps.

From today we are setting ourselves a challenge: to turn our tree from an sad shrub into a seven-foot spectacle of Christmas cheer. We want the tree to be full of your words; your tales of Christmases come and gone, your favourite memories, your feelings, your thoughts and your opinions.

It’s big, it’s bare. And it needs your help.

To decorate its cold, lonely branches, we’re asking the good people of Twitter to #TreeTweet us their answer to one (or all – Christmas is a time for indulgence, after all) of the following questions.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What does Christmas mean to you?
What does it mean to be a woman?
What’s the strangest Christmas gift you’ve ever given/received?

Everyone who answers our Christmas call will get their words emblazoned on a What I See bauble and hung on the tree – so the more words shared, the happier the tree becomes! We’ll be tweeting regular photos, so you’ll get to see your tweets in all their glory.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. What I See loves a good role model, and there’s no Christmas gift like appreciation – so if you nominate your Christmas star with a #treetweet during the campaign, she could be atop the What I See Tree come 23rd December. It can be a friend, a family member, or a total stranger. It can even be Mrs Claus. As long as she’s fabulous, we don’t mind.

So, without further ado… get that festive spirit aflowin’ and help us decorate the What I See tree today with a #TreeTweet

Image source - Flickr: Laura Bittner


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