What I See Campaign: Meet Tuesday’s arrivals

What I See Campaign: Meet Tuesday’s arrivals

Good morning! It’s time to meet four more bloggers who’ll be helping us with our What I See campaign.

Laura Tosney

We say:  Browsing her lifestyle website is a bit like virtually hanging out with your best friend, except with more dreamy photos.
She says: “I’m an incredibly short basketball player and somewhat obsessed with Dunkin Donuts’ hot chocolate.”

Cate Sevilla

We say: This online journalist and editor has written for The Guardian, Emerald Street and Stylist amongst others, as well as finding time to start the hugely successful online magazine Bitchbuzz. She cycles. She blogs. She’s a feminist. And she loves cupcakes.
She says: “I love pizza, red lipstick, and making my hair as big as possible.”

Sheila Kanani

We say: She’s written for journals, science mags and her own blog. And her infectious enthusiasm for all things space makes her the best science teacher we never had.
She says:  “Coke float drinking pocket rocket, planetary scientist, presenter, space comedienne.”

Laura Fountain

We say: She’s a London journalist and editor who discovered a love of running late in life, and writes a gorgeous green blog as well as having penned a book on the subject.
She says: “I wanted to be the person I saw on TV running down a beach carefree.”

To find out more about the campaign, click here. And don’t forget that you can get involved with the project by telling your own story!


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